Oracle Java Certifications Infographic : Easy Steps to Land a Job

We have created infographics to give you full information about  Oracle Java Certifications .
There are three types of Oracle Java Certifications:

1. Oracle Certified Associate
2. Oracle Certified Professionals Java Programmer (previously called as SCJP exam)
3. Oracle Certified Master

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The above exams are prerequisite for each other. In other words, You can not give Oracle Certified Professionals Java Programmer exam without passing Oracle Certified Associate first.
Similarly , to give Oracle Certified Master exam , one must score passing marks in Oracle Certified Professionals Java Programmer.

 Let me share with you a recipe on  how to create your value in the tech market.

Oracle Java Certifications guide

Oracle Certified Associate Infographics
Oracle Certified Professionals Infographics

Oracle Certified Master Infographics

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As Oracle changes certifications exams format from time to time , It will be better to check the latest information regarding Oracle Java Certifications here


There is always cut throat competition in market to secure a job .The smart way to land a job is to differentiate yourself from other candidates as much as possible. Trust me , Oracle Java Certifications will give you edge over the other candidates either  in the resume shortlist process or during interview rounds.Its like investing in yourself for your better career.

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