SCJP 6 Dumps : Download for Free

SCJP dumps are a great way to prepare for SCJP exams (OCPJP exams) .  We are sharing the SCJP 6 dumps .

SCJP 6 stands for Sun Certified Java Programmer ; 6 for Java version 1.6

After Sun Company acquired by Oracle. SCJP was renamed to OCPJP i.e Oracle Certified Professional Java Programmer .

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So , SCJP is the old name of OCPJP .

Note :   Dumps will be different for each version of Java . So OCPJP 7 will have different dumps then OCPJP 6 . 

But a humble request to all of the candidates who are about to give SCJP(OCPJP) 6 exam . Please prepare from the book , so that you can understand each topic , before getting your hands dirty with the dumps .

MOTTO FOR SCJP / OCPJP :   Understand Java Concepts Precisely and Get Certification

SCJP dumps for java version 6

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It will help out other candidates.

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