How to Become a Good Software Programmer : What it takes to stand out from the rest

Everyone today wants to pursue a career in the IT industry due to the lucrative salary. But the question is   how to become a software programmer  or how to become a computer programmer.First, we need to know, to whom , people call software programmer or computer programmer.
You are a computer programmer or in other words a software programmer if you are coding in C,C++ or Java .
So here I am to deliver some goods that would help all  to think or re-think (with the confusions/misconceptions that prevail). So often people ponder about “How to become a  computer  Programmer?” it’s mostly the case with many during the college or even after that. But only worrying and not knowing the right things would end up thinking for time immemorial. There are lots of basic factors however which would contribute towards one’s becoming a good programmer which we often miss out. I would be highlighting the points going forward. I will try to precisely emphasize what it really should take to become a good computer programmer.

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1.  Ask Yourself Why?

Most often we start thinking of writing programs just by seeing or looking into someone else’s projects (often during the college days) or Code. But we fail to realize what are we into? So first and foremost and perhaps the most important thing is to ask yourself why you want to become a good programmer. If it’s because you want to get a handsome salary and a job in a Giant MNC then you would actually end up nowhere. You need to have zeal for it and rather like it and yes if that is what the fact is then you will learn in no time. Programming is the creativity of application in Computer Science and hence without having an affinity for it you will never succeed. So for all the younger lot first try and analyze yourself what is that prompts you to become a good programmer. If so then you continue following the following section.

2. Fallacy of Knowing a Number of Programming Languages

Now folks who understood the significance of the algorithms should understand this section properly. Knowing more than one programming language is a Plus obviously but you have to know in depth. Often there is the misconception of knowing a number of programming languages actually helps in becoming a good programmer. It’s absolutely ridiculous as even when you would be sitting for the interview of your dream job you would not be asked “how many programming languages you know?” And ofcourse if you have read this much then let me tell you now that different programming language serves different purpose.

3. Studying Books

The ultimate reality or truth can never change is studying. Each and every day we should learn and even the best programmers do. The authors are some of the best programmers to come up with the best possible way of explaining the concepts and in the way they have perceived and faced it. Studying will always give you the exposure of efficient and good code which will enable you to distinguish between an highly efficient code and the not so effective one.Check it out Best Books for learning Java

4.  Base of Algorithm

how to become a computer programmer
Yes this is what mostly people nowadays would miss. How many of you think still that Algorithms!! Oh yes it used to be in the Engineering and we browsed through it. There will be many having the same idea in the mind but seldom we realize that it’s the Algorithm and it’s application that actually makes you write effective programs. An Algorithm should be the base for writing a program wherein you utilize the concepts of the Algos and represent in your own way provided you have the understanding of the same. Algorithm tells us the efficiency of Time & Space constraints which are the two most significant areas or factors for writing a code for an application in a production mode or an R&D product. Have you ever given a thought about the warnings that you might get in a Program Window for eg in the PL/SQL Developer giving a Warning: Variable X is declared but not in “USE”. The example given tells you that you are not paying heed towards the fact that you are consuming space unnecessarily and you must be careful towards space complexity. Algorithms teach us Time & Space complexity for each of the Algorithms and it’s effective use will give your code the desired efficiency and help you go a long way towards being a good programmer. The biggest asset is if algorithms are known then one can master any programming language and would be more open towards accepting a new technology.

5. Practising Data Structures and Design Related Problems

The learning and knowledge of Data Structures will complete and fully compliment the knowledge of algorithms. Data Structures introduce the concepts which take a major step further to implement bulk data handling through an advanced concept improving the concept of arrays further. If both algos & data structures are well understood then you can be rest assured that you are going into the right direction for becoming a good programmer.

6. Talking to Experts in the Field

Suppose if you want to pursue a career in Java , then you can contact any person who has at least 5 years experience in the Java field . What will you gain ?  You will learn from the mistakes they have done and what are the most important things to focus upon.So from now on ,stop being a frog in the well and remove your fear of being scolded or ignored by an expert person. If you really want to excel in your career then you just need to seek  advice from the experts without being hesitant.

7. Reading Good Blogs and Participating in Coding Communities 

Make a list of good blogs and read each and every post , which can improve your code understanding skills.
You can also learn through Java Communities like StackOverflow and Oracle Java Forums .By participating in these forums and communities you will come to know many tricks which you havent used before . You will come to know that it is always rewarding to share your knowledge with others.

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8. Problem with Everyone : Forget Coding and other Java Language Terms after 2 months

The most common problem I amongst people is that they forget whatever they learn in Java ,C or C++ . How we will remember all the things . The answer to this puzzle is to keep revising things after every two weeks. This will help you to revise knowledge and correct any misconceptions. More you revise the concepts  , more you become comfortable in the particular language.

All the points mentioned should be the basic guidelines for becoming a good computer programmer. On a primarily level if these are followed would help any individual to become good programmers. All the Best until i come up with another article highlighting more facts.

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Subham Mittal has worked in Oracle for 3 years .
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