Top 15 Must Prepare Behavioral Questions and Answers (HR round) : Non Technical Java Interview Questions

This article explains about the most frequently asked behavioral interview questions and answers that would help in cracking the interview process for both the experienced as well as the fresh graduate mass.
Non technical Interview Questions round that is HR round , also need some attention . I saw many people who are very good at technical skills ,but  fails to clear the last hurdle (that is HR round )of their dream job.It is better to have a blue print of the answers for such type of commonly asked questions.Keep in mind that these questions are answered according to the Java developer Interview job post. For other technologies some questions need to be answered in a different way. Here are the questions

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Q1  Tell me about yourself?

One of the most frequent behavioral questions to start up with the interview process in most of the giant MNC’s. You should give answer like this : Sir/Mam As much as I know myself, I am a confident individual who carries on with the task at hand without second thoughts . I have an immaculate zeal towards Learning and accepting newer ways of implementing things. As an Individual I tend to compete with myself setting my own goals adhering to Time Constraints with regard to the task assigned and this happens to be one of my biggest assets.

Q2 What do you want to do?

Another teaser that can be considered as one of the crucial behavioral interview questions.Respond like this : I want to earn a niche for myself. I have nurtured My dedication and devotion throughout my working tenure thus far so that I can earn my repute. I always strive upon creativity and try to induce it wherever possible in my work. I want to fit into a role offering both the Managerial and Technical dimension to add another horizon.

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Q3 What is your favourite programming language?
I am proficient in Java (as an Application Development platform), well versed in Java Script (Front End Display), PL/SQL (accessing the DB). Java has been my forte but I am open towards any Programming Language as I focus upon Algorithms which is the baseline for providing the Programmatic design. This is another way of testing how a candidate would tune to such a question as part of the behavioral interview questions.

Q4 What is your work style?

This often you might find amongst the most favoured behavioral interview questions and answers and the right way to put it across is as stated. As I said, I am inclined towards the creative side of doing things. Being thrown into a highly competitive environment owing to my job profile, I am adjustable to situations throwing a highly challenging environment with a lot of pressure. So my work style has always emphasized upon soaking up the pressure and delivering the goods.

Q5 What can you tell me about your experience?

Have you ever faced such behavioral interview questions. No!! Then it’s high time to brush up. I have been working mostly in the Technical domain curving out a Technical niche. I have handled Teams of 4-5 junior members and Freshers as a Senior Technical Resource. The challenge is altogether different rather than individual contribution where your delivery is your utmost responsibility whereas in this scenario the work got divided into different minded individuals with different psychology and thought pattern. It is no doubt a fruitful experience to explain the Technical aspects of work to the individuals and to have it done. As a Senior resource making the individuals gel amongst themselves was altogether a different challenge. Apart from delivering Technical projects involving coding, debugging, assessment and review, I consider myself lucky to be presented with several Onsite opportunities. So My work experience also comprise client interactions and project cost estimation.

behavioural interview questions and answers

Q6 What are your career goals?

With My Experience thus far I have had little chances to showcase My Managerial skills whenever the situation arose. I want to pursue my career ahead with a Techno cum Managerial role as this would help me in furnishing the role of a Project Manager in the near future.

Q7 Why are you looking to change jobs?

After providing dedicated to my current employer it’s the right time to widen my horizons, add more dimensions to the work front and prove myself capable of accepting a new challenge. With the New opportunity I would have the perfect opportunity to accept and adhere to the new Technical challenge. And After fulfilling my own goals now I would give myself the opportunity to raise the standards of improved designation, job profile and become financially more proficient.

Q8 What salary are you expecting?

Given My Career Graph and the Salary Scale, it was never difficult for me to decide the Salary Expectations. If I am selected for this Dynamic profile then I would like to know the Maximum Expected Salary for this position in your Esteemed Organization. My current employer would reach upto this extent and asking me to reconsider and so there has to be a figure compatible with it and the Maximum Limit for your esteemed organization.

Q9 What is your salary history?

As an Individual since I set small targets for myself and hence have been able to fulfil them. In the last 3 years I have got a promotion after two consecutive top grades. I have had a steady salary growth which is by and far twice my years of experience.

Q10 Why should we hire you?

After providing dedicated service to my current employer, I am ready to accept the new challenge and showcase the same dedication if given the opportunity. I should be hired solely based upon my attributes of being a Top Performer, Confidence Level, Agility, adaptability and the never say die attitude.

Q11 Why do you want to work for this company?

I have been following the Esteemed Organization’s growth curve and Employee Satisfaction levels since a long time. It’s anybody’s dream to work for the esteemed organization but I am not only chasing My Dream but also trying to prove my calibre in the biggest platform that suits my profile.  

Q12 Do you have any questions for me?

As part of popular behavioral questions and answers you would often find this one and to tell you frankly a lot of emphasis often is put upon this question. So the best way to handle this is first thing one must have profound knowledge of the organization in terms of its growth curve and salary growth in the recent times. So it can be tackled this way. Sir/Mam would you be kind enough to let me know what is the initiative taken that the existing employees are always taken care of and they seldom leave the organization!! How can I always manage to grow professionally keeping the balance between my Management and Technical Skills? What are the possibilities?

 Q13 Why are you here?

This is a tricky one that can put your behavioral interview questions to a different level altogether. This question can pop out as the very first riddle to boggle the mind. Provided the candidate has a brief but profound insight about the Organization then it can be tackled this way. Sir/Mam I am here not only that it’s my Dream to get an Opportunity with this prestigious Organization but also because all this while I had been working upon the technology invented by the Esteemed Organization and what Best that I get the opportunity to showcase my prowess on that platform in the Mother Organization. I also see this as the biggest expansion of my career graph as I would get end to end exposure of the Technology with the very best around me. I would have a complete self-assessment of My Learning thus far and perhaps showcase my implementation of the skills.

Q14 Can you describe an environment or scenario where you would not thrive instantly?

A very interesting question which might seem amusing but most often candidates would be in a fix to answer such behavioral interview questions. To tackle this question actually perhaps working in a team with inter-dependencies upon the Project completion helps a bit. So here is how it can be answered. Having gelled with my peers in a highly competitive cluster I can pretty well figure out that being a senior resource if I am entrusted with the task of having 4-5 people belonging to different poles and are reporting to Me. The final object being task completion, i would have to make all ends meet and make each of the resources gel with each other and work in tandem. This is where I would not thrive instantly I suppose but given my attributes I would accept this challenge and devise an ingenious way of getting the work done.

Q15 If you could do anything, what would be your ideal job?

A question that seems like giving ample freedom yet actually testing the candidate’s apposition for the job profile. One really good way of answering this is as stated. Sir/Mam I have passed through that phase where a Young techie does a lot of coding and then after sometime finds that I am working Yes of course But is there any creativity? Am I able to showcase creativity adhering to the coding standards? The answer is often “No” and only 2-3 big giants would actually offer the same to a young techie. So with the passion and flare that I have I intend to start with a Software firm where I would have dedicated resources working upon New Software Domain using all the creativity that they would want to. Providing that platform for the young techies would allow them to bloom where work will no longer seem to be so or rather monotonous at any point of time. Being an Individual Contributor I would get a Host of Clients who can offer Me Quality Software Projects and I would like to establish a creative setup. 

If you come across a behavioral question which is different then above 15 , please mention in the comments. 

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