Count number of words in the String with Example : Java Program Code

To find the number of words in the given String in java is easy . Here we are using arrays and string class to achieve our goal .

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For example :

Original String : "Alive is awesome "    

If we pass the above string in the wordcount method then it will return

Output : 3          as the answer.

Here we are passing String to the wordcount() function which return the int value that is the number of words in the string .

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count number of words in string  java program code

Please find the code below :

public class StringDemo
    static int i,c=0,res;
    static int wordcount(String s)
        char ch[]= new char[s.length()];      //in string especially we have to mention the () after length
            ch[i]= s.charAt(i);
            if( ((i>0)&&(ch[i]!=' ')&&(ch[i-1]==' ')) || ((ch[0]!=' ')&&(i==0)) )
        return c;
    public static void main (String args[])
        res=StringDemo.wordcount("   manchester united is also known as red devil ");
        //string is always passed in double quotes
        System.out.println("The number of words in the String are :  "+res);

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