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7 Prolific Motivational Interviewing Techniques

How to succeed in an interview? This is perhaps a question that creeps in every budding aspirants mind to crack the dream job or just your very first job. There are however always few misconceptions and lack of knowledge and understanding of few things which makes it difficult for candidates. In the section that will follow we would highlight really important motivational interviewing techniques that candidates should be aware of while taking an interview.

Remember the steps to success are not complicated if the right things are followed in the right manner.

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Here are the 7 Prolific Motivational Interviewing Techniques :

1.  Curriculum Vitae 

How often have you thought about the content of your resume before taking up the first interview or your dream company’s interview? Your dream company or any professional company emphasizes particularly upon the content of the resume and judge your competency. Always remember that you can very well borrow the concept of a resume format but never copy the contents from a resume. It’s suicidal as you would get screwed for all the messed up information or rather the information that you are not adequate with. Your interviewer can very well delve deep and go point by point each of the important projects or achievements mentioned. So Always ensure that you know your resume aptly and can justify every achievement mentioned there. So if you are honestly preparing your resume all by yourself keep in mind that it is one of the basic interview skills to know in and out of your resume for succeeding in the interview.

2.  Know About your Company

SCJP 6 Dumps : Download for Free

SCJP dumps are a great way to prepare for SCJP exams (OCPJP exams) .  We are sharing the SCJP 6 dumps .

SCJP 6 stands for Sun Certified Java Programmer ; 6 for Java version 1.6

After Sun Company acquired by Oracle. SCJP was renamed to OCPJP i.e Oracle Certified Professional Java Programmer .

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So , SCJP is the old name of OCPJP .

Note :   Dumps will be different for each version of Java . So OCPJP 7 will have different dumps then OCPJP 6 . 

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MOTTO FOR SCJP / OCPJP :   Understand Java Concepts Precisely and Get Certification

How to Register and Buy Oracle Java Certification Exam (SCJP/OCPJP/OCAJP)

SCJP stands for Sun Certified Java Professionals. As Sun company is acquired by Oracle , the name of the exam is changed to OCPJP (Oracle Certified Java Professional Java Programmer).

Till Java 6 version , You can give SCJP exam directly without need to give SCJA (now OCAJP).
But after Java 7 version, Oracle makes OCAJP (Oracle Certified Associate Java Programmer) a prerequisite to the SCJP exam (OCPJP exam) .

If you want to purchase and register for SCJP exam , then following are the steps you need to follow


1. Go to the Pearson url :  here

How to register for SCJP exam

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