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Why Employer’s Don’t Respond after a Job Interview

Do not worry if employer is not responding after job interview because every time fault is not at your end.
Let us find out why ?

Many of the candidates seeking a job change desperately or looking for their appropriate job after graduating out often gets bamboozled by the sudden lack of interest shown by the employer. It’s almost as if like turning your back towards someone. Many aspirants or candidates get affected by this unexpected gesture which rather seems unexpected to them. But it’s high time to understand the possible reasons behind it. So why is it that it’s always a waiting game?

Client Project Not Finalized

Reason: Most often for a Service based Software Company, the Project would not be finalized but     the hiring company is having scarcity of resources. The hiring company has lack of resources and so they decided to go forward with their recruitment process for the Project that is in pipeline. Often the project would not be finalized from the Client Software Company and hence even after the Final/Client interview you might be in a waiting queue or not yet getting the final response from the employer.

What to Do: One essential Moral boosting factor here is that you have cracked the interviews and only then you have gone that far where the employer have showed positive signs of your recruitment. Most often candidates start wondering even after being given a positive feedback why aren’t the employers responding back for the final cut. Just wait for time in these scenarios and then after maybe a week or so you can gently push a mail asking for a status update.

Further Recruitment got the Most Economic Candidate

Top 5 Cloud Computing Companies in the World

Being a Java Professional and hence an ardent contributor in the IT industry, you have to be updated with the latest tech buzz in and around. In This century IT has gained the massive impetus because it upgrades itself with the newest technology. Cloud Computing had emerged in the last few years and is expected to hold the stakes high for some time in the future. Everything that you imagine as an application is kept in a Cloud today! Primarily there are three categories of the Cloud service: SaaS (Software as a Service), IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and Paas (Platform as a Service). As in the software industry, the Pioneers or the so called giants of the IT world had jumped as service providers of cloud and hence they have extended cloud as a service. The smaller companies and firms benefit from the cloud services where they can keep their focus upon meeting their business needs without worrying about the cost factor, infrastructure, hardware and managing expensive data centers. As an IT professional you can imagine the impact of cloud by simply considering the fact that every application that is making the rounds in the market is deployed in a cloud. So being a Java Developer/Programmer you must know the artifacts of cloud computing as you might be contributing towards the new technology in the near future. Here we are going to discuss about a few cloud service providers who have become the leaders.

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Amazon Web Services

5 cloud computing comapanies in the world : Amazon web services

The world’s biggest online retailer, Amazon

Ten Phone Interview Tips For Candidates:Mastering Phone Interview

All the young and budding technical aspirants who are dreaming for a successful venture into the software domain should know and understand the telephonic interview process. So why do you think a standard company would even arrange for a telephonic interview in the first place? It’s certainly not about fooling around and so you should take it very seriously. Please come out of the fallacy of imaginations if anything prevails like you can just be on the bed while attending a telephone interview, you can just google out the answers, you can have a cheat sheet in your hand and you can just browse through it as you take the interview. Please get rid of the misconceptions to actually end up having a job in your hand rather than getting filtered out at the very initial level. Most of the standard software companies nowadays have the filter criteria of having a telephonic interview round as the very first round. They can obviously find out enough and whatever needed from the telephonic interview.So lets discuss the ten phone interview tips.

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Here are a few phone interview tips to be able to be a perfect fit for the telephonic interview:

Know about  Yourself

Interviewer most likely to know more about you and your behavior . You should write your strengths and weaknesses , accomplishments and answers to the most generally asked questions . This interview tip will help you to gain confidence and leave a good impression on the interviewer.
Also always keep smiling during interview , this leaves a positive tone on the interviewer.

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Getting the Basics Right