5 Difference between "implements Runnable" and "extends Thread" in Java

How to instantiate a Thread in java  either by implementing Runnable or extending Thread class . We will go through the difference between "implements Runnable" and "extends Thread" . It will help us to choose the  correct way to instantiate the Thread in our application.
Although, in the real world application you are much more likely to implement Runnable interface than extends Thread. Extending the Thread class is easiest but not a good Object Oriented practice.
In this post we will see the difference between "implements Runnable" and "extends Thread". This is one of the basic interview question on the topic of Threads.

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Difference between "implements Runnable" and "extends Thread" in Java

1. Inheritance Option:   The limitation with "extends Thread" approach is that if you extend Thread,  you can not extend anything else . Java does not support multiple inheritance.  In reality , you do not need Thread class behavior , because in order to use a thread you need to instantiate one anyway.
On the other hand,
Implementing the Runnable interface gives you the choice to extend any class you like , but still define behavior that will be run by separate thread.

2. Reusability :  In "implements Runnable" , we are creating a different Runnable class for a specific behavior  job (if the work you want to be done is job). It gives us the freedom to reuse the specific

Top 50 Java Collections Interview Questions and Answers

We have already shared the most frequently asked java interview questions for experience candidates. Also shared the tricky coding interview questions in our previous posts. Today , we will learn about the top 50 java collections interview questions and answers. We will divide this post into three categories :

Beginner level (0-1 year experience (Freshers)) ,

Intermediate level (1-3 years experienced Java Developers)

Advanced level(3+ Experienced) java collections interview questions and answers

Note : Please prepare all the below questions . Interviewer may choose to ask any question.

Beginner Level (0-1 yr): Java Collections Interview Questions  and Answers

Q1  What is Collection ? What is a Collections Framework ? What are the benefits of Java Collections Framework ?

Collection : A collection (also called as container) is an object  that groups multiple elements into a single unit.

Collections Framework : Collections framework provides unified architecture for manipulating and representing collections.

Benefits of Collections Framework :

1. Improves program quality and speed
2. Increases the chances of reusability of software
3. Decreases programming effort.

Q2 What is the root interface in collection hierarchy ? 

Root interface in collection hierarchy is Collection interface . Few interviewer may argue that