Core Java Syllabus

Java is a general-purpose and popular programming language. This Java tutorial helps to learn the core java syllabus or topics and its concept.
The core java tutorial covers industrial as well as student topics. This tutorial works for students, professionals, and new programmers.

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Professional Core Java Tutorial Topics

The following list shows core java chapters and their sub-topic. The core java contains 27 topics and its functions.

Basic of the Core Java

The Java chapter contains definition, history, features, and java parameters. This chapter includes memory management systems of the java language.
● The basic concept of the java
● Environment setup
● Path of the JDK and JRE
● JDK, JRE, and JVM system
● JVM Architecture
● Unicode System
● Basic syntax and example

Java Class and Object

This java chapter contains the class and its type of java program. This chapter helps to learn the object and its features.
● The basic concept of the java class and object
● The naming convention of the class and object
● Declaration and initialization of the object
● The life cycle of the Java objects

Java Packages

The Java package chapter contains package type and function. This topic covers naming conventions and examples. You will learn how to create and import packages.

● The basic concept of the java packages
● Type of the packages
● Naming convention and declaration of the package

Java Data Types

The Java data types chapter contains its type and feature. You will learn how to create and assign data types with value. This topic covers memory allocation and examples.
● Java data types and memory allocation
● Primitive and non-primitive data types

Java Variables

The Java variables chapter contains variable type, declaration, and its initialization. This topic covers naming convention and memory allocation of the variable.
● Java Variable declaration and variable initialization
● Type of the java variables
● Naming convention and memory allocation of the variable

Java Methods

The Java method chapter contains method type and declaration. This topic covers naming convention and relation with other methods.
● Java method and declaration
● Type of the java method
● Java Main method and its function

Java Constructor

The Java constructor chapter contains constructor type, declaration, and its argument. This topic covers naming convention and argument rules.
● Java constructor and declaration
● Type of the java constructor
● constructor overloading and chaining

Java Access Modifier

The Java access modifier chapter contains its type, declaration, and initialization. This topic covers the rules, functions of access modifiers.
● Java Access modifier and non-access modifier
● Type of the java access modifier
● Type of the java non-access modifier

Java Keywords

The Java keywords chapter contains different types of the keyword and its function. This topic covers static, final, this, super keywords, and its example.
● Java static keyword
● Java final keyword
● Java this keyword
● Java super keyword

Java Loop and Control statement

In this chapter, you will learn the types of loops and different control statements. The loop and control statement shows the working procedure of the conditional loop and statement. This chapter contains if-else loop and switch statements.
● Java if else
● Java for loop
● While and do while loop
● Switch statement
● Break and continue keyword

Java Operator

In this chapter, you will learn different operators in the java program. This chapter contains unary, arithmetic, logical, assignment, relational operators.
● Unary operator
● Arithmetic operator
● Logical operator
● Assignment operator
● Relational operators

Java OOPs

In this chapter, you will learn different object-oriented concepts in the java program. This chapter contains an overview of the object, class, and other OOP functions.
● Overview of oop concept

Java Abstraction

The java abstraction chapter contains abstraction class, method, and interfaces. In this chapter, you will learn abstraction's rules and examples.
● Java abstract class
● Java interface

Java Inheritance

The java inheritance chapter contains inheritance, aggregation functions, and type of inheritance. In this chapter, you will learn inheritance examples and a comparison of the inheritance types.
● Java inheritance
● Java aggregation
● Types of the java inheritance

Java Encapsulation

The java encapsulation chapter contains concepts of the data hiding, getter, and setter method. In this chapter, you will learn the naming convention of the getter and setter method.
● Java encapsulation
● Getter and setter method

Java Polymorphism

The java polymorphism chapter contains overloading, overriding, binding, and types of polymorphism. In this chapter, you will learn examples and rules of polymorphism.
● Java polymorphism and its type
● Data binding and operator
● Overloading and overriding method

Java Array

The Java array chapter contains the type of the array, declaration, and its initialization. This topic covers naming convention, single-dimensional, and multiple dimensional arrays.
● Java array and its type
● Array declaration and initialization

Java Collections

The Java collection chapter contains different types of the collection framework, classes, and interfaces. This topic covers java stack and vector.

● Java collection frameworks and interface
● ArrayList
● LinkedList
● HashSet
● Linkedhashset
● Tree set
● Queue
● Dequeue
● Hashmap
● Linkedhashmap
● Treemap
● EnumSet and EnumMap
● Java vector
● Java stack
● Comparison of collection framework and interface

Java String

The Java string chapter contains the type of the string, StringBuffer and StringBuilder class, string method. This topic covers string comparison and its functions.
● Java string and its type
● String method
● StringBuffer
● StringBuilder

Java Regular Expression

The regex chapter contains matcher and pattern classes. This topic covers the regex quantifiers.
● Match class
● Pattern class

Java Exception Handling

The exception handling chapter contains try-catch block, finally, block, throw, and throws keyword. This chapter includes a comparison of the blocks and keywords.
● Java try-catch block
● Java finally block
● Java throw keyword
● Java throws keyword
● Comparison between final and finally and finalize

Java Inner Class

The Java inner class chapter contains different types of the inner class and its function. This topic covers member, anonymous, local, static inner class and its example.
● Java inner class and its type

Java Multithreading

The java multithreading contains threads procedure and its methods. This chapter includes serialization and multithreading functions. You will learn how to work multiple threads.
● Explain multithreading
● The life cycle of the multithreading
● Create a thread
● method: Start a thread, sleep thread, run, join method
● Priority thread and Daemon thread
● Thread pool and thread group
● Thread naming and Shutdownhook

Java Garbage Collection

The java garbage collection chapter contains garbage collection of multithreading. You will learn how to manage memory threads.
● Explain java garbage collection

Java Synchronization

The java synchronization chapter contains the type of synchronization. You will learn deadlock, static, and block synchronization.
● Synchronization method and block
● Deadlock
● Inter-thread communication
● Interrupting thread
● Static thread and reentrant monitor

Java Input/Output

The java I/o chapter includes input and output files with their correlation. You will learn about file readers, writers, and streams.
● FileOutputStream and FileInputStream
● BufferedOutputStream and BufferedInputStream
● SequenceInputStream
● ByteArrayOutputStream and ByteArrayInputStream
● DataOutputStream and DataInputStream
● Java FilterOutputStream andJava FilterInputStream
● Java ObjectStream and Java ObjectStreamField
● Console and FilePermission
● FileWriter and FileReader
● BufferedWriter and BufferedReader
● CharArrayReader and CharArrayWriter
● PrintStream and PrintWriter
● OutputStreamWriter and InputStreamReader
● PushbackInputStream and PushbackReader
● StringWriter and StringReader
● PipedWriter and PipedReader

Java Annotation

This chapter contains different types of java annotations. You will learn the function and use of annotations.
● Java Annotation and its type


This chapter contains connections between database systems and java applications. In this chapter, you will learn the JDBC driver and its data operation. This topic includes connection statements, resultset, and their types.
● JDBC and its driver
● Database connectivity
● Connection with MySQL system
● Connection with SQL system
● Connectivity of an oracle system
● Operate image and file

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