8 Best Online Java Compilers in 2020

Are you a Java programmer looking for the best online java compiler then you have landed in right place. When I started learning java, sadly, there was no online java compiler. To run a simple Hello World program I had to download and install JDK(JAVA) and eclipse (IDE). But you are in luck, now, there are many options available for online java compiler.

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What is Java Compiler

According to Wikipedia,

A compiler is a computer program that translates computer code from one programming language to another language. In other words, a Java compiler is a compiler that converts Java code to bytecode, that is .java file to .class file. An online java compiler is an online tool that can be used to compile and run java programs.

Best Online Java Compilers

There are lots of online java compilers present across the web. Based on my personal preferences and research, here is the list of 8 Best Online Java Compilers.

1. JDoodle

This is one of my favorite and most popular online java compiler. It is available with lots of features. Along with Java, it supports more than 72 Programming Languages.

JDoodle Online Java Compiler

The main features of this compiler are as follows:

•     It can be used to compile and execute source codes of more than 72 programming languages and queries of 2 DBs.
•     JDoodle can be used in full-screen mode so that users will be able to see code as well as output side–by–side.
•     It supports almost all the latest versions of JDK.

JDoodle JDK versions available

•     It also has an option for Dark Theme to make it more developer-friendly.
•     External Libraries can be added using Maven Repo.
•     The compiler gives info regarding the time taken and memory consumed after compilation of code.
•     It supports command-line arguments.
•     Apart from these coders can open, save and download the source file too.

2. Codiva.io 

It is another great addition to the list of java compilers. It has a set of unique features. In order to use this compiler, we need to create a project in it first. The best advantage of this compiler is that it is similar to popular IDE(s). One can also create files, packages, folders using this compilation tool.

Codiva.io  online java compiler

The main features of this compiler are:

•    It compiles the code as soon as we start typing.
•    It shows all the errors during compilation and can show the result once we finish typing.
•    It has a great syntax highlighting feature.
•    It offers autocomplete feature to suggest keywords.
•    The code can be shared either as an URL or as a HTML snippet.

3. CodeChef

CodeChef is a well known competitive programming community. CodeChef also has an online compiler that supports multiple languages. It has a minimal and simple interface as well as easy to use.

The main features of this online compiler are:

•    It has a minimal and simple interface that is easy to use.
•    It has a full-screen mode where the user can code in full screen. The only disadvantage is the user needs to come back to normal mode to run the program.
•    Users can provide custom input and run java programs.
•    It also provides information regarding memory and time consumed after compilation.
•    Users can open, edit and download their source files too.

4. OnlineGDB

It can be used as a compiler and debugger for various programming languages including Java. It has similar features as we have in CodeChef online compiler but it also supports command line arguments along with those features.

The main features of this compiler are:

•    Command Line Arguments are supported.
•    Input can be given through Interactive Console as well as in Text Format.
•    We can save, open or download source files.
•    It has a Beautify feature that reindents the code to make it beautiful.
•    It can also be used for debugging. We can create breakpoints simply by clicking on the left side of the row number.

5. Browxy

It is a fast and simple. It also supports other programming languages such as PHP, C, C++, C#, Python, etc. It is packed with lots of features and easy to use.

best online java compiler

The main features of this online compiler are as follows:

•    Users can keep track of their code by logging in to Browxy.
•    Users can publish their code publically as well as keep them private.
•    It is simple and provides 3 views: Console View for I/O, Applet View, and Log view to monitor or run the code.
•    Apart from these it also has options to change theme and font size.

6. JavaOnlineCompiler

JavaOnlineCompiler.com is another simple and great alternative. The main reason to keep this in the list is that it has minimal design packed with great abilities.

The main features of this compiler are:

•    It has a simple and minimal design.
•    It highlights the syntax of written code.
•    It has a simple editor window to copy/paste code.
•    It supports command-line arguments.
•    Users can change the theme of this compiler as per their choice.

7. Rextester

It was initially created as ‘Regular Expression Tester.’ Later on, it was developed as an online IDE for Java. It is used by millions of developers due to its simple user interface. It supports several other programming languages too.

The main features of this compiler are as follows:

•    Input can be given in Text Format.
•    We can save and share the source files as a URL.
•    It has support for horizontal and vertical layouts.
•    It has an option to change the theme.

8. Paiza.io

It is also a great compiler with friendly and easy to use user interface. It comes with lots of powerful features along with some basic functionality. It supports several other programming languages too.

The key features of this online compiler are as follows:

•    It can support multiple files.
•    It has a fast auto-complete feature.
•    The compiler can be linked to GitHub or Gist for sharing code.
•    Multiple Users can collaborate in realtime.
•    It supports task scheduling.


All the above online compilers are great for Java. One can easily go to one of these sites and compile-run the code. Please mention in comments in case you come across any online java compiler which is not mentioned in the above list. 
[Note: The compilers are not ranked and compared in this list.] 

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