How to Install Maven in Eclipse IDE Step by Step Tutorial

There are two ways you can install maven in your system, one is using command-line which is a bit difficult and second is installing maven in eclipse. In this post I will be sharing how to install maven in Eclipse IDE step by step tutorial with screenshots and how to check maven is installed successfully in Eclipse IDE.

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How to install Maven in Eclipse IDE?

Step one: First open eclipse

Step two: Then click on the Help from the top menu in Eclipse and select "Install New Software..." as shown below :

Install New Software Help Eclipse

Step three : Now click on Add button on the newly opened window to add a new source as shown below.

Click on Add button in Eclipse

Step four : Now fill Name and Location in Eclipse :
In the Name box type: Maven
In the Location box type:

Fill Name and Location in Eclipse

Step five : Here, select all the boxes and click Next Button

Select boxes and click Next in Eclipse

 Step six :  Accept the ‘Terms and Conditions‘ and move forward by clicking on the Finish

Accept Terms and Conditions Eclipse

Step Seven :  After that restart the Eclipse. Please click on Yes, so that changes can be reflected properly.

Check Maven Installed Successfully

You can check whether Maven has been installed successfully on Eclipse by following below steps:

Step one: Open Eclipse IDE

Step two: Then click on the Eclipse from the top menu and select "About Eclipse".

Step three: After that check the existence of the M2Ecplise icon as shown in below image red square box

Check Whether Maven is installed in Eclipse

Congratulations! You have successfully installed Maven in Eclipse.

That's it about how to install Maven in Eclipse IDE tutorial. If you have any issues while installing the maven in Eclipse IDE then please let me know in comments. 

Reference :
Eclipse docs 

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