Check if a particular key exists in HashMap with Example

II have already shared how HashMap remove () method works internally. In this tutorial we will see how to check if a particular key is present in HashMap. containsKey() method is used to perform this check.

Syntax of the containsKey method :

public boolean containsKey(Object key): According to Oracle docs, returns true if the Map contains the mapping for a specified key.

Check if a particular key exists in HashMap Example

import java.util.*;

 public class ExampleToCheckKey {
    public static void main(String args[]) {
    // Creating a HashMap of int keys and String values
    HashMap<Integer, String> hashmap = new HashMap<Integer, String>();
    // Adding Key and Value pairs to HashMap
    // Checking Key Existence
    boolean flag = hashmap.containsKey(22);
    System.out.println("Key 11 exists in HashMap? : " + flag);
    boolean flag2 = hashmap.containsKey(55);
    System.out.println("Key 44 exists in HashMap? : " + flag2);
    boolean flag3 = hashmap.containsKey(99);
    System.out.println("Key 88 exists in HashMap? : " + flag3);


Key 11 exists in HashMap? : true
Key 44 exists in HashMap? : true
Key 88 exists in HashMap? : false

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