Why Employer’s Don’t Respond after a Job Interview

Do not worry if employer is not responding after job interview because every time fault is not at your end.
Let us find out why ?

Many of the candidates seeking a job change desperately or looking for their appropriate job after graduating out often gets bamboozled by the sudden lack of interest shown by the employer. It’s almost as if like turning your back towards someone. Many aspirants or candidates get affected by this unexpected gesture which rather seems unexpected to them. But it’s high time to understand the possible reasons behind it. So why is it that it’s always a waiting game?

Client Project Not Finalized

Reason: Most often for a Service based Software Company, the Project would not be finalized but     the hiring company is having scarcity of resources. The hiring company has lack of resources and so they decided to go forward with their recruitment process for the Project that is in pipeline. Often the project would not be finalized from the Client Software Company and hence even after the Final/Client interview you might be in a waiting queue or not yet getting the final response from the employer.

What to Do: One essential Moral boosting factor here is that you have cracked the interviews and only then you have gone that far where the employer have showed positive signs of your recruitment. Most often candidates start wondering even after being given a positive feedback why aren’t the employers responding back for the final cut. Just wait for time in these scenarios and then after maybe a week or so you can gently push a mail asking for a status update.

Further Recruitment got the Most Economic Candidate

Reason: A Standard Software firm would have an open position and would be continuing recruitment for that open position comprising more than one suitable candidate. The aspirants should understand this process properly. The company would scrutinize 3-4 suitable employees who would pass the technical barrier and finally would go into the HR Round. Now the Hiring Manager as well as the HR Manager would always gain substantially from having the best buy comparing the available budget and negotiating with a candidate with the least figure. Confusing? To Simplify, there would be 3 candidates applying for the same position and skill set and each of them have a different salary ranges in their priority list. If the company can buy the favour of any one of them in the least salary range as compared to the other two then the company alongwith the hiring manager would go for that candidate as the hiring manager would also benefit from the budget.

What to Do: The biggest positive in the scenario is that even if the employer doesn’t respond after the final round then you should still hold on to your spirit. Don’t be frustrated as you might not have known what had happened behind the scenes? You need to just have some patience and wait for the employer to respond back. You have been one of the deserving candidates and that is why you have had the HR negotiation. You should not forget to write back in a week’s time saying that “You are awaiting a call and you also should mention that you are really looking forward to work with the firm being delighted with their recruitment process and the reflection of their hiring spree. “

Position Kept On Hold

employers not responding after job interview

Reason: Most often these days the software firm would be already into the recruitment/hiring process and that is when the Senior Management might have decided there needs to be a budget cut due to the ongoing recession and sudden inflation rates. In these cases, the candidates have no other choice but to be in a fix. In such cases, the company and the hiring policy goes for a toss and it’s kept as it is. The company in such cases is eitherway in a dilemma of responding to the candidates and hence the response never comes.

What to Do: The right thing to do in such cases is to try and get an update on a periodic basis by writing a mail to the HR Manager who had communicated earlier. Calling the person directly should be avoided as it doesn’t seem to be a rosy picture to ask for an update in such a sixes and sevens situation as the HR Manager not having an answer might turn into an offensive and disturbing mindset. Having patience is the right thing to do and sending a mail to ask for a possible update is the ideal professional etiquette in such a situation.

Poor Management Resulting from  over burst of Interviewers

Reason: Most often it happens like the software firm arranges for a global pool recruitment process for the respective technologies. The appeal in terms of the number of candidates appearing for the recruitment would by and large more than exceed the expectations and probabilities. The resulting scenario is such that it leads to mismanagement where the Human Resources find themselves at a loss to co-ordinate and communicate with each candidate and respond back to them.

What to Do: Here is a situation where a candidate is always at the receiving end and cannot really do anything to help the situation. You can’t really do anything against mismanagement or a plan gone completely wrong!! The candidate can mostly approach the company again in the near future and show his intent and interest to apply for the post again. The company irrespective of the hiring manager would have a profound impression about you. 

Please mention in the comments  if you know any other reason why employers don't respond after job interview.

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