Top 5 Cloud Computing Companies in the World

Being a Java Professional and hence an ardent contributor in the IT industry, you have to be updated with the latest tech buzz in and around. In This century IT has gained the massive impetus because it upgrades itself with the newest technology. Cloud Computing had emerged in the last few years and is expected to hold the stakes high for some time in the future. Everything that you imagine as an application is kept in a Cloud today! Primarily there are three categories of the Cloud service: SaaS (Software as a Service), IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and Paas (Platform as a Service). As in the software industry, the Pioneers or the so called giants of the IT world had jumped as service providers of cloud and hence they have extended cloud as a service. The smaller companies and firms benefit from the cloud services where they can keep their focus upon meeting their business needs without worrying about the cost factor, infrastructure, hardware and managing expensive data centers. As an IT professional you can imagine the impact of cloud by simply considering the fact that every application that is making the rounds in the market is deployed in a cloud. So being a Java Developer/Programmer you must know the artifacts of cloud computing as you might be contributing towards the new technology in the near future. Here we are going to discuss about a few cloud service providers who have become the leaders.

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Amazon Web Services

5 cloud computing comapanies in the world : Amazon web services

The world’s biggest online retailer, Amazon
is perhaps the most important contributor in cloud having invented the IaaS (Infrastructure as a service) market. Amazon eventually had both IaaS and PaaS cloud service. Amazon’s Amazon Web Services was primarily developed to improvise the utility of the data centers and seemed to be the biggest revenue generator. Amazon Web Services faces stiff competition from VMware, EMC and IBM and even Google. Amazon can shift focus towards the performance and cost effectiveness of its cloud service to gain more impetus and compete with OpenStack and Google Compute Engine.


5 cloud computing comapanies in the world : VMware

VMware had been competing against cloud tech, OpenStack. VMware provided and extended vCloud for cloud building. The VMware design for the cloud infrastructure is based upon the software defined data center (SDDC) according to which they are offering two forms of cloud service. The VMware has formed a hybrid cloud platform which provides two options: 1. cloud software in a packaged form and 2. Public infrastructure. The two options provided make the VMware Cloud service much more dynamic, efficient, reliable and agile.

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Google Compute Engine

5 cloud computing companies in the world : Google compute engine
GCE or the Google Compute Engine is the biggest market competitor of AWS with the exception that GCE is not Windows compatible yet and Google is yet to showcase the creativity in Cloud Dominance. The GCE mostly like AWS comprise the infrastructure that mainly supports Google’s very own products such a gmail, google search, youtube and other products. The GCE is also built based upon the IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) architecture and enables virtual machines to be launched on demand by the users. The GCE has enough scope to dominate the Cloud Computing Market given the fact also that google is way ahead in the software-defined networking and holds ownership of fiber-optic network. 


5 cloud computing companies in the world : Rackspace cloud company

Founded in 2006, Rackspace has had a huge impetus in the Cloud Computing market as it had implemented OpenStack, the open source cloud computing platform. The joint venture of NASA and Rackspace has developed and nurtured the Cloud initiative OpenStack and today Rackspace offers Exclusive Cloud Services such as Cloud Servers, Cloud Files and Cloud Sites. The Cloud Server offering is the virtual machine concept which allows users to deploy multiple cloud servers in an instance and provides “high availability”. The Cloud Files is the hosting service that provides “unlimited storage” and is made easily accessible through the API being accessed by client source code and it is secured through SSL. The Cloud Sites is equivalent to web hosting and is a PaaS (Platform as a Service). The feature of a Control Panel available online facilitates the Cloud Files, Cloud Servers and Cloud Sites by providing a interface. It is believed that Rackspace might have plenty more to offer in the near future.


5 cloud computing companies in the world : Nimbula cloud company

Nimbula founded in 2008, developed its own software to provide public, hybrid and private services cloud computing. This cloud software got built with the aim of facilitating both the service providers and enterprise customers. This cloud computing software enables to manage infrastructure through the command line interface, API and a Web UI. It supports virtual machines for both Windows and Linux and also supports common cloud APIs. It has a flexible “license agreement system” and provides security and access to clod features through its special authorization system. In 2013 Oracle Corporation has acquired Nimbula as part of their Cloud Service to extend services in the Cloud domain.

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